Quick Glance at the Eat 2 Win Challenge Mobile App:

Cost of Mobile App per Athlete:
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Eat 2 Win Challenge Mobile App Features:
Customized Meal Plan Guide
Based on Athlete's Weight Management Goals to Gain, Lose or Maintain Body Weight 
12 Breakfast Options
10 Lunch Options
11 Dinner Options
16 Snack Options
Safe and Effective Supplement Plan
Fast Food Guide with Hundreds of Meal Options
Plus more helpful resources and guides

Track Meals with Mobile App
Athlete tracks their meals eaten by taking pictures and uploading to mobile app
Athlete chooses who should receive a weekly report via email of thier eating habits
Log Body Weight

Athlete logs their body weight as needed as a means to measure their goals

Additional Features
Push notifications to remind Athletes of when to eat and weigh In
Weekly report of account activity to encourage accountability and feedback sent by email
Leaderboards to encourge friendly competition of points scored during app activity
Direct access to messsage a Sports Dietitian a question

Bonus Features:
"Practical Strategies for your Selected Weight Management Goals", email series,
“Pre-Game Meal and Half-time Recovery Nutrition” eCourse  
“Food for Sports Performance” eBook 
“Pre-workout Supplements: Good, Bad and Ugly” and “Sports Supplements for Athletes: Is Creatine Safe”, On-Demand Webinars 

Steps to Success for Your Team!

#1 Schedule Team Meeting
#2 Present Eat 2 Win PowerPoint
#3 Athlete Chooses to Download Eat 2 Win App
#4 Reward and Recognize Accomplishments 

All from your mobile phone....

Easily create a food first culture on your team by empowering your athletes with the information and tools necassery to improve their eating habits as guided by a Sports Dietitian who promotes a food first approach to improving health and athletic performance.

You set team goals in other areas (skills, strength and conditioning etc) why not set them to improve eating habits?
Take the Challenge Today and Get Started!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Sports Dietitian is leading this program and are they qualified to do so?

Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN is co-founder and Director of Sports Nutrition education for My Sports Dietitian (mysportsd.com), an online sports nutrition education company that helps athletes of all levels improve their eating habits to enhance performance, recovery, and health through the guidance of a Licensed Sports Dietitian. He is currently the Sports Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant for Tulane University’s Athletic Department, Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine’s NFL Players Association Brain and Body program, Fairchild Sports Performance in Houston, Traction Center for Sports Excellence, and Covington Orthopedics. He was the Sports Dietitian for the New Orleans Saints from 2006-2013 and New Orleans Pelicans from 2008-2013. He’s been fortunate to have worked with performance enhancement expert Mackie Shilstone and designed the nutrition programs for boxing champions Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. along with working with a long list of Olympic, NFL, MLB, and NBA athletes to various college and high school programs. He is a 13 year veteran Sports Dietitian who also has worked with Dietary supplement companies on product formulation and education. He is a regular presenter and lecturer at local, state, and national conferences and Universities on the topics of Dietary Supplement Use in Young Athletes, Dietary Supplement Safety for High School, College and Professional Athletes, and Sports Nutrition Principles for Athletes.

Piattoly graduated from Louisiana State University with a Master’s of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. He is a registered and licensed Dietitian. He is a member of the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA), International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), and Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutritionist (SCAN) groups. He also serves as the Sports Dietitian for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association’s Sports Medicine Advisory Board and recently joined the Advisory Board for Examine.com.

Eat 2 Win Challenge is Managed by My Sports Dietitian mysportsd.com

2. When does the program start?

Summer 2016

3. Tell Me Again.... What should I expect from this Eat 2 Win Challenge?

These are the top 5 things you should expect from this program:

Gain lean muscle weight based on a food first approach and guided by a Sports Dietitian. The assumption is also made that the athlete is physically active and participating in a sound stregnth and conditioning program.

1.    Increased energy levels that will impact your practice, workouts and competitions.

2.   A focus on evaluating current eating habits and making the necassery changes to see an increase in your performance gains.

3.   Faster muscle recovering based on proper fueling of your body. Learn how to eat the right foods at the right times to see an impact on your muscle recovery and growth.

4.   Become healthier and establish proper eating habits that will catipult your athletic performance on and off the field or court. It will help you to also establish healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

5.   High School athletes often turn to dietary supplements when they don't reach their weight and nutriiton goals. This could lead to them being advised to purchase supplements that may contain harmful ingredients. Our Sports Dietitian will provide Dietary Supplement safety education to the athlete/parents and advise on what to and not to take for the safety of the athlete while keeping their performance and body weight goals in mind. All supplements will be tested by a 3rd party agency (i.e. NSF, Informed Choice) to ensure they are free from banned substances.

4. How are parents involved in this program?  

We highly recommend starting the program off with a parent/athlete meeting and showing them the Eat 2 Win Challenge video together. If an athlete decides to participate and purchases the Eat 2 Win mobile app, the parent can help guide them on who they should add as a Nutrition Monitor (ie. Athletic Trainer, Parent, Coach, Strenght Coach....). The Nutrition Monitor will receive a weekly report of the athletes eating habits so they can provide accountability and encouragement. Parents should also guide their son/daughter on setting any weight management goals.

5. What is the role of a coach, athletic trainer or stregnth coach in this program?

If a parent and athlete chooses they can request to add additional Nutrition Monitors to their account for FREE. Additional Nutrition Monitors can be individuals such as an Athletic Trainer, Skill Coach or Strength/Conditioning Coach. These individuals often provide great support to an athlete as they strive to achieve their body weight and nutrition goals. 

6. What is in the customized Athlete's Meal Plan Guide?

Each athlete will be licensed to receive a customized Meal Plan Guide based on thier unique caloric and weight management goals. Each Meal Plan Guide is easy to understand and straight to the point.

Inside each Meal Plan Guide, we will provide you with the following:
12 Breakfast Options
10 Lunch Options
11 Dinner Options
16 Snack Options
6 Smoothie/Shake Options
Safe and Effective Supplement Plan
Proper Hydration Plan
Safe and Effective Post-Workout Nutrition Plan
Fast Food Meal Guide with Hundrends of Positive Meal Options
Plus more helpful resources and guides

7. What is the purpose of the video email series and what are the Bonus products?

Once enrolled each Athlete will receive a series of practical tips via email on how to improve their eating habits in order to achieve their weigth managment goals..   

BONUS products you will receive:
"Practical Strategies for your Selected Weight Management Goals", email series, $79 value
"Pre-Game Meal and Half-time Recovery Nutriiton", eCourse, $40 value
"Food for Sports Performance", eBook, $19 value
"Pre-workout Supplements: Good, Bad and Ugly, Webinar, $19 value
"Sports Supplements for Athletes: Is Creatine Safe", Webinar, $19 value

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Ronnie Harper Ed.D. ATC
Program Director
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